Transform your toilet with this bidet and night light for $49.99

This SlimGlow bidet attachment is 36 percent off.

Your home bathroom doesn’t have to feel dull, or antiquated, any longer. And you can transform this space into what feels like a health spa with your own two hands, for a reasonable price.

The SlimGlow: The World’s First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night Light, is currently 36 percent off for $49.99.

This is the new standard in bidet attachments, and you can put it together with an easy DIY installation. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars calling a plumber. It will take you mere minutes to get the bidet and the battery-powered night light working excellently.

Not to mention, 97 percent of reviewers recommended the SlimGlow on Home Depot’s website.

“I don’t think I’ll ever do without one again. Great product,” reads one of the many five-star reviews. “Thank you so much.”

The SlimGlow features an incline to cater to your natural position, is equipped with a soothing blue night light so it’s useful 24/7 and has a comfort grip pressure control knob and dual nozzle cleansing options.

This design is 50 percent thinner than comparable products and even more durable. Plus, it’s economically and environmentally sound.

The SlimGlow requires no electricity, connects directly to the freshwater supply, and provides a continuous water stream at whatever pressure is best for you. The universal posterior wash works for anyone, regardless of gender.

Add a touch of spa-quality luxury to your life, for not much cost, and make the SlimGlow part of your daily routine.

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