Take your seat with you wherever you go

This portable chair’s collapsable unit is the size of a can before unfolding into seat.

When you’ve been on your feet for a long time, it’s easy to long for a place to sit down. Now you can bring the chair with you, no matter where you may be, with this compact collapsible seat.

The Sitpack seat can be carried around with ease since it’s about the size of a can of soda. But when you need somewhere to rest, it quickly unfolds into a compact seat that can give you a little relief.

Whether you’re at an outdoor concert,  golf tournament, out for a hike or anywhere where a bench or chair might not be available, the Sitpack is a perfect solution. It allows you to take a seat whenever or wherever you may be.

The Sitpack weighs just 1.3 pounds, so carrying it around until you need it is never an issue. And as it unfolds, the height is adjustable. So no matter your height, the chair can be adjusted to fit your body. And you’ll always feel stable leaning back on the seat thanks to an alligator foot clamp that keeps the seat in place.

Made from glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate, the seat is strong enough to hold any adult.

The Sitback collapsible seat is available in black and normally sells for $65, but for a limited time, you can get it for $34.95, a 46 percent savings. You can also get it in blue, which is now available for $39.95, a 38 percent discount.

Prices subject to change