Save on this handy camera that connects directly to your smartphone.

Inspect hard-to-reach areas with HD recording quality and LED lighting.

The jewelry dropped down a dark drain and the credit card lost under the front seat of your car don’t have to be so upsetting anymore.

Solve the common problems of tight squeezes and hard-to-see places such as these with an innovative camera that connects directly to your smartphone. The Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera for Android & iOS is a modern, sleek and practical device that’s currently 22 percent off at $29.95.

This camera isn’t just small, but it’s flexible, allowing you access to some of the hardest-to-reach places, such as a drainpipe or the small space between a washing machine and dryer. It doesn’t matter how dark it is, as the camera has HD recording quality (easily upload the footage to your phone) and six powerful and adjustable LED lights. The app will help bring images (JPEG) and video footage (AVI) to your phone, and you can download them directly onto your desktop or tablet and inspect that way.

This Borescope is even waterproof, and is equipped with a two-meter microUSB to USB cable and a ø8mm camera lens.

For even more extensive access, a 5-meter version is on sale for $32.95 and a 10-meter is available for $39.95.

With this product, you can do more than identify the issue. The package comes with a hook and magnet to help retrieve lost items like car keys from odd places.

The Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera provides far more than just another smartphone quirk. With its ability to burrow into difficult locations, and the ability to rapidly examine what you find on your devices, cashing in on this deal could make a bad day much better quickly.