This $18 ergonomic mouse makes working at home less painful

You can get it now for nearly 50 percent off.

After a long day of working on a computer, many people suffer wrist pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other problems are often aggravated by holding your hand in an awkward position—such as when you scrunch up your palm around a regular mouse. In contrast, the Sinji Ergonomic Mouse allows you to keep your hand open and relaxed instead of gripping hard. As a result, you are far less likely to suffer pain. Right now, you pick up the mouse for just $17.95 at the PopSci Shop.

To use a normal mouse, you have to turn your arm so your palm is facing downwards. This subtle movement may not seem like anything to worry about. But after eight hours, it can become a kind of stress position.

Thanks to a patented vertical design, the Sinji mouse keeps your hand in the more natural handshake position. This reduces rotation in the lower arm to relieve many forms of wrist pain.

Aside from being ergonomic, the Sinji mouse offers impressive usability. It works with both PC and Mac, with good precision and the option to adjust the speed of your cursor. In addition, the edge is lit to help you work after dark.

Normally priced at $33, the mouse is currently 45 percent off MSRP at $17.95.