Give your teeth and gums the cleaning they deserve with this electric toothbrush

Eight different brush heads, four power modes give you the ultimate in cleaning.

Good dental health can lead to overall better health, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Shyn Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

This toothbrush will have your teeth looking their absolute best, thanks to the eight whitening brush heads, four brush modes and five intensity levels to both clean and protect your gums. This toothbrush uses a pressure sensor to make sure your gums are treated at the right level.

The Shyn toothbrush has been approved by the American Dental Association as an effective toothbrush for removing plaque and preventing gingivitis. It has even received the ADA Seal of Acceptance and has also been honored by People magazine with a 2019 Travel Award for best electric toothbrush, and by Wired magazine as its favorite electric toothbrush.

Special brush heads and diamond-shaped bristles help with cleaning and whitening, and the angled neck allows you to get to hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. And with more than 31,000 vibrations per minute, you’ll reach every nook of your mouth.

This brush will help you complete the recommended 2-minute brushing time with a built-in timer with 30-second intervals.

This is also the perfect toothbrush for those on the go, as it will hold a charge for more than two weeks with regular use.

This electric toothbrush normally runs $170,  but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $47.99, a 71 percent discount.

Prices subject to change