This SEO training shows you how to reach the top of Google search results

Dive into three hours of training covering the latest techniques for $12.99.

To build an online brand, you need people to find your site. While you may drive some traffic from social media and other platforms, Google is still the best place to win views. The SEO Training for 2020: Master Search Engine Optimization Course shows you how to rise up the search rankings, with three hours of tutorials on the latest optimization techniques. You can pick up the training now for $11.04 at the PopSci Shop when you use code PRESIDENTS15 at checkout.

No-one knows exactly how Google compiles search results. But over time, search experts have learned what kind of content does well through trial and error. This course hands you that knowledge on a plate.

Through 39 video tutorials, you learn the fundamentals of SEO, keyword search, and content writing. The training looks at key techniques that can make your site more attractive to search engines—such as optimizing for speed and choosing the right URL structure.

The course also shows you how to write better headlines, take advantage of backlinks, and promote your work on social media. This training is valuable for any aspiring entrepreneur or marketer, and it includes a certificate of completion.

Worth $200, the course is currently just $12.99 with lifetime access included, but you can save an extra 15 percent when you use the code PRESIDENTS15 at checkout, lowering the cost to $11.04.

Prices subject to change