The School of Game Design can teach you to make your own games at home

This library has 120 hours of premium tutorials.

Few careers are more creative than game design. When you are paid to imagine new worlds, daydreaming is encouraged. Every character, every item, and every surface comes directly from the imagination of the lead designer. For anyone who loves games, this really is the perfect job.

Of course, making it as a professional is not easy; you really need to know your stuff. The School of Game Design is a powerful resource for aspiring designers, offering 120 hours of high-quality training that you can access anywhere. You can get lifetime access now for just $49 at the PopSci Shop.

In many cases, turning your passion into a career means taking a pay cut, but you can expect to earn a pretty penny as a game designer, with some professionals earning up to $86,000 annually according to Glassdoor.

As the name suggests, the School of Game Design helps newbies to break into this competitive industry. The platform provides access to a huge library of step-by-step video tutorials, covering all the skills you will need to land your first job.

Starting with the absolute basics, the videos help you learn computer modeling, animation techniques, and digital art. You also take a dive into the technical side, with extensive training in Unity3D. As a student, you get access to thousands of dollars worth of assets you can use in your projects, and support from instructors with 16 years of experience.

Along the way, you design both 2D and 3D titles. This means you gain valuable experience, while also building up a nice portfolio. The skills you learn can help you find a job within the industry.

Of course, you might prefer to start building your own indie titles, which can also be a lucrative route.

Lifetime membership of the School of Game Design is worth $5,990, but you can get started today for just $49.

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