Make your own ice cream at home with a machine that does all of the work for you

Save money while preparing a healthier and tastier version of your favorite frozen treat.

There’s nothing better than ice cream, and there’s no better ice cream than one that’s homemade with just the flavors you crave and none of the additives found in commercial products. But for years, making ice cream at home has been a huge task. That’s no longer the case with this Royal Brew ice cream maker, which does almost all of the work and delivers a delicious treat in as little as 30 minutes.

Not only will you enjoy the flavors and texture of a homemade dessert, but this ice cream maker is the perfect at-home activity to make the holidays fun this year. Modeled after retail ice cream shop systems, the Royal Brew machine does all the churning, saving you time and money on trips to the ice cream shop or the grocery store for a product that been sitting on the shelves for far too long.

This system does not require you to freeze the bowl before using, unlike most ice cream makers on the market. It features both hard ice cream and soft ice cream mode to allow you to make the style you prefer. And although it comes with a recipe book, you’ll enjoy creating your own recipes without the use of stabilizers and additives that take away from the pure flavor of the product. And a handy LCD screen display and touchpad control panel make the process simple to follow and understand.

This machine is made of both stainless steel and food-grade plastic and stands 12 in. tall and 15 in. wide, making it a perfect size for your countertop, or small enough to keep stored in your pantry. It weighs 20 pounds and has a 1.5 qt. capacity, meaning you can make enough ice cream for the entire family or a small gathering at your home. And you can watch the magic happen inside the machine thanks to the transparent lid.

The machine comes in an attractive silver finish, but is also available in mint green. A paddle, cup, mixing bowl and mixer are also included in the package.

This ice cream maker is normally priced at $249, but it available now for a limited time for just $225.99, a discount of 9 percent. It’s an investment that will pay off many times over the years as you skip those trips to the ice cream parlor.

Prices subject to change.