As restrictions tighten across the country, many of us are adjusting to life in lockdown. While you can spend your evenings and weekends slumped in front of the TV, there is only so much Netflix you can binge. Instead, you might want to keep your mind active in more productive ways. The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle helps you do just that, with three great digital services—including a special deal from Rosetta Stone. You can currently get the bundle for $199 at the PopSci Shop.

According to a study by Nielson, the average American household watches 7 hours and 50 minutes of TV every day—and that was before social distancing. If you put even a fraction of that time into learning new skills, you could come out of the current crisis with some serious knowledge. This bundle provides everything you need to make it happen.

The star name here is Rosetta Stone, which has won PC Magazine’s Best Language-Learning Software award five years in a row. The app uses interactive activities to help you learn new words, and speech recognition technology analyzes your accent 100 times per second to provide live feedback.

Used by NASA and TripAdvisor, this platform helps you master conversational skills in 24 languages. With this bundle, you get lifetime unlimited access to all the languages, worth $299.

Another great learning resource is the 12min Premium Micro Book Library. Available on iOS and Android, this app condenses some of the best non-fiction books ever written into bite-sized summaries.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone Stack Commerce

The library includes 385 titles, and another 30 titles are added to the app each month. You can enjoy each micro book in text and audio form, and the app lets you download titles for offline enjoyment. With the bundle, you get lifetime access, worth $346.50.

No matter how you choose to spend this period, it’s highly likely that you’ll be online…a lot. To help you maintain privacy, this bundle includes a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, worth $199.

This service offers uncapped bandwidth, apps on all major platforms, and support for torrenting. You can pick from 400 servers around the world, with military-grade encryption and zero-logging to protect your data. It’s easy to see how VPN Unlimited scooped PC Mag’s Top VPN award.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone Stack Commerce

These subscriptions are worth $844.50 put together, but you can currently pick up the full bundle for just $199.

Prices subject to change