This reusable notebook lets you sync your scribbles to the cloud

The Rocketbook Wave is now 22 percent off MSRP.

The feel of pen on paper is hard to replicate with technology, but digital features like search and tags simply aren’t available in a standard notebook. So, which do you choose? With the Rocketbook Wave Executive Smart Notebook, you get the best of both worlds. This ingenious notebook lets you upload your paper notes to the cloud, then wipe all the pages and start again. You can get one now for $27.99 at the PopSci Shop with a pen holder thrown in.

In everyday use, the Rocketbook Wave seems like a traditional notebook. It contains 80 pages made from acid-free, fine-grain paper, each patterned with a dot grid.

The magic begins when you install the companion Rocketbook app on your smartphone. This app lets you scan each page and upload notes instantly to Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box, Slack, and many other apps.

In addition, this notebook can be reused several times. Once you have scanned all the pages, you simply microwave the notebook to erase everything. Assuming you use the supplied Pilot FriXion pen, this trick works five times over.

Worth $35.99, the Rocketbook Wave Executive notebook is now only $27.99 with a pen and pen holder included.

Prices subject to change