This $44 reusable smart notebook connects to the cloud

Rocketbook Fusion is highly rated for a reason.

Every year, the average American uses enough paper to amount to some 2 billion trees a year. That’s a whole lot of ecological damage, especially if you’re not purchasing your paper from a certified seller. You have another option, though, if you’re worried about your environmental footprint.

The Rocketbook Fusion + Mini, Pen, & Microfiber Bundle eliminates the need for paper. That’s because it’s a reusable smart notebook. If you’re unfamiliar, I don’t entirely blame you. This notebook relies on synthetic paper. I’m not entirely sure what that’s made out of, but I can reassure you it’s not trees. The paper still tries to keep that feel of regular paper, though, relying on patented technology to ensure you can write smoothly.

This device comes with seven different page templates to allow you to organize your writing as you see fit. If you want to make a list or practice sketching, the notebook has got some options for you. Then, you can share your document to the cloud to save it digitally. This is a great alternative to purchasing a number of notebooks year after year. The 42 pages can go a long way, and you can simply archive as you see fit. If you take care of this one, it could even last you a lifetime.

The Rocketbook Fusion + Mini, Pen, & Microfiber Bundle is a favorite among Amazon users. The product has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This set comes in six different colors, including a classic gray or black or a bolder red or green. The set doesn’t only give you the notebook, either. It comes with two FriXion pens, two microfiber cloths, and two sizes of the notebook. You’ve got the executive and the mini.

This makes for a perfect gift during the holidays—or a treat for yourself. Make the Rocketbook Fusion + Mini, Pen, & Microfiber Bundle yours for only $44.

Prices subject to change.

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