As the country transitions to staying inside, kids are going to have much more free time at home. For parents, this means finding ways to keep your kids’ minds occupied. Rather than turning to Netflix, you might want to try the Ringo DIY Mobile Phone Kit. This fun project gets your kids working on their own mobile device that comes complete with real apps. A great way to get kids interested in STEM subjects, the Ringo kit is on sale now for just $179.95 at the PopSci Shop.

To get kids engaged with any task, you need to provide a project with an alluring end goal. With Ringo, the end product couldn’t be more exciting. Instead of building simple circuits, your kids get to construct and code a completely functional mobile phone. Designed for ages 11 and up, it’s the perfect distraction for the enforced school holiday.

The kit includes all the necessary hardware, including a microprocessor, a display, and more. The design is completely customizable, and the device takes around five hours to build. You also get a graphical code editor and a unique operating system that runs apps. With this much learning potential, it’s easy to see how Ringo raised over $300k on Kickstarter.

While the Ringo kit usually retails for $194.99, you can get the kit for $15 off at just $179.95 today.

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