This streaming service helps you fall asleep faster

It uses binaural beats to help you rest and sleep better.

National Relaxation Day, celebrated every year on the 15th of August, encourages us to slow down and relax. In other words, it’s a fun little reminder to hit “pause” on our fast-paced and often hectic lives so that we can get some much-needed rest. But, since it’s only one day out of the calendar year, it’s also smart to consider a practical solution that lets you to hit “play” on relaxation whenever you want. Good thing subscriptions to Restflix are currently on sale in the PopSci Shop!

Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service gives you access to 20+ channels and hundreds of music options and videos to aid your rest and sleep. You can grab a one-year subscription for $29.99 (40 percent off $40), a two-year subscription for $49.99 (50 percent off $99), or a three-year subscription for $59.99 (59 percent off $149).

Unlike other streaming services, Restflix is expertly designed to help you rest better and fall asleep quickly — here’s how it works. Restflix’s content makes the most of a brainwave entrainment technology called binaural beats. Binaural beats harness the brain’s responsiveness to sound and have a wide range of positive effects on people, from increasing their concentration and problem-solving skills to improving relaxation. Restflix’s binaural beats-based content taps into the auditory frequencies associated with rest and sleep, thereby empowering you to relax better and sleep more deeply. And what does that include?

You can watch 20+ live audio-visual channels that feature soothing sounds, incredible natural views, bedtime stories, content geared for kids, guided meditations, and more through the streaming platform. Even better, every single piece of content you’ll discover while exploring Restflix is sleep expert-approved. That means you can rest with total peace of mind and also fight off common sleeping conditions, from insomnia and tinnitus to nighttime anxiety and everyday stress, with the help of Restflix.

Alongside enhanced relaxation and sleep, this streaming service also delivers convenience. For starters, it’s compatible with every major streaming platform, including iOS, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, and Roku. Meaning, you can watch and listen to Restflix content with all of your favorite devices. Plus, you can use it anytime and anywhere since you can stream it on everything from a smartphone to a television. In that way, Restflix helps you form better relaxation habits, no matter if it’s on the way home from work or once you kick your feet up for the day.

Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service helps you rest easier and fall asleep quickly. Get a one-year subscription, two-year subscription, or three-year subscription on sale today in the PopSci Shop.