Mix your hot or cold creations in this 7-in-1 professional blender

From smoothies to soups to hot or cold drinks, this machine has you covered.

Revolutionize your cooking experience with this Razzori Fresco blender that can mix both hot and cold food and drinks. Your blender doesn’t just have to be for smoothies and mixed drinks any longer. Throw together some ingredients and make yourself a warm soup for a winter day.

This blender uses stainless steel blades and a soft start motor that allows the ingredients to be slowly pulled into the blades before speeding up and mixing them in the consistency you desire. It features a  40-ounce pitcher,  giving you a large enough container to make multiple drinks at one time.

The blender has six preset buttons and adjustable manual settings, so there really isn’t a function this blender cannot accomplish. And it couldn’t be easier to use.

This is truly a 7-in-1 appliance thanks to everything it can do, starting with high-powered blending.  The strong blades can cut and slice their way through most any food to make it part of your meal or drink.

The heat function is something not found on most blenders. With this model, you can heat up to 212 degrees to create soups and other hot purees. You can also use the warm-up function to keep your creation at 150 degrees for up to two hours.

One of the better features is the security lock, meaning the blender will not operate until the lid is aligned with the handle. This keeps the machine from inadvertently turning on when the lid is not on tight.

There are 10 adjustable speeds that are preset,  and the time can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 3 minutes.

Users have found this to be a fantastic blender, with purchasers on Amazon rating in 4 stars out of 5.

This special blender normally sells for $129, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $98.99, a savings of 23 percent.

Prices subject to change