Save 14 percent on this Bluetooth-powered vest that’s designed to keep you warm and toasty all day

Stop piling on bulky layers of clothing, and stay warm with this heated vest.

Just in case the bizarre cold snap in Texas didn’t serve as a stark wake-up call, winter is still in full-swing, and it looks like it won’t be letting up anytime soon. We will all have to live with brisk temperatures for the time being, and continue to stay indoors. On the other hand, if you want to partake in some winter activities outside without having to pile on bulky, restrictive layers of clothing (who wants to wear three sweaters?), a heated vest will help you stay warm all day.

Something like the Radiant Bluetooth-Enabled Heated Vest provides an extra boost of warmth and comfort so you can enjoy the cold weather.

Wearing this heated vest feels like you’re wrapped in a warm hug—constantly. Designed to deliver deep, penetrating heat to your core, it has an insulated, quilted nylon shell that helps you maintain thermal comfort, and a bonded polyester softshell fleece to offer a stylish and athletic fit.

The vest also features a 4-zone heating system, targeting both sides of the chest and upper or middle back between your shoulder blades. It even features a proprietary Zero Layer Heat System, providing optimal heat transfer for a superior warming experience all day. In short: it is top-quality technology specifically engineered to keep you warm and toasty for as long as you’re wearing the vest. A 3-level external silicone switch is also included, which happens to have Bluetooth capability, so you can easily change heat settings with just a push of a button.

Whether you’re doing outdoor work, camping, or just enjoying a socially distanced hangout session with your friends, this heated vest ensures that you remain feeling comfortable. Typically retailing for $199, it’s on sale for $169.99. You can choose from four different sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large.

Prices subject to change.