These eco-friendly bamboo bed sheets are the secret to sleeping like a baby

Treat yourself and the planet to sheets that are cozy and sustainable.

The average human spends one-third of their life snoozing. While that seems like a huge chunk of time spent laying in bed, it doesn’t always mean good quality sleep. There are a number of factors that ruin our ability to sleep like a baby, like caffeine intake, blue light from smart devices, auditory distractions, and get this—bed sheets.

Avoid the struggle and invest in sheets that are cool and breathable to catch a good night’s sleep every time. The Pure Bamboo Soft White 4-Piece Sheet Set is on sale for 30 percent off its list price, and delivers unbelievable softness and a luxury sateen-like look to help you experience better sleep.

According to experts, since the skin functions as a thermo-regulator for the body, your sleep may not be as restful if you use sheets that do not support the skin’s ability to regulate temperature. If your bed sheets produce an “oven effect” and cause you to sweat throughout the night, maybe it’s time that they retire.

Other brands claim to be made out of “bamboo,” but only to end up having microfiber (polyester) blends to cut quality and costs. But WoofLinen’s sheets—which are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon—are crafted from 100% bamboo viscose, which is softer than the highest thread count cotton, provides ample cooling, resists bacteria, wicks moisture, and is hypoallergenic, too. With breathable material, it stays cool in warm weather and remains warm during the colder months, so you always feel comfortable.

The sheets also come in a natural soft white color, making them pop in any room while remaining understated. Plus, the slight sateen-like look becomes more “flat” with every wash, so they only look better over time. Oh, and they provide a limited footprint on the environment, too.

With a purchase from WoofLinen, you’re also donating to animal rescues and their partner foster networks. Not only will you be able to sleep soundly, but you can rest assured that more of our four-legged companions are better off as well. Experience better sleep with this sheet set currently on sale. Take your pick from these options: QueenCalifornia KingKingFull for just $94.99 (reg. $136). 

Prices subject to change.