Master the latest skills in coding with this premium 2020 coding bundle

Learn to code with 150 hours of training for $45.

With thousands of apps expected to launch in 2020, learning to code is a great career move. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a developer, these skills are now highly valued in business, finance, sales, marketing, and many other industries. The Premium 2020 Learn to Code Certification Bundle offers the perfect education, with 12 courses and 150 hours of content covering the most popular languages and frameworks. Right now, you can pick up the bundle for only $45 at the PopSci Shop.

As we move into a new decade, business is becoming ever more connected and data-driven. In this fast-moving environment, being able to code puts you at a huge advantage.

This bundle helps you master a wide range of valuable skills, from web design to machine learning. Starting from scratch, you learn through concise video tutorials delivered by true experts.

Along the way, you discover how to code apps with Python and Java. You also learn how to handle databases with MySQL, and create custom websites using HTML, CSS, and PHP.

The training even dives into Python algorithms and image processing with Keras. Each course is filled with projects, meaning you get hands-on experience.

The bundle is worth $2,700 in total, but you can get it now for only $45.

Prices subject to change