This Vortex air fryer is the coolest way to crisp up dinner

Make it yours while it’s on sale.

Some might say that air fryers are magic, but they’re really just a creation of science. As one of the biggest cooking trends today, it’s easy to see why an air fryer is so impressive. Air fryers require barely any oil (if any) and function by blowing and circulating extremely hot air around your foods. They’re a lot faster than your oven, so they’re a great alternative to baking when you want something healthy and quick for dinner.

If this sounds like something you want to add to your kitchen, check out a refurbished PowerXL 1700W 10Qt Vortex Air Fryer Pro Oven with Accessories. A more environmentally friendly option to buying one new, this air fryer is 33 percent off for only $79.99. It comes in a nice small size, too, so you can try to make the space if you have a tiny kitchen. Still, it fits 10 quarts, so it’ll definitely be an upgrade to your kitchen utensils. The air fryer comes with 12 functions, including French fry, rotisserie, and eggs. There’s bound to be something useful for everyone, no matter what your favorite foods are.

The air fryer uses what the manufacturer calls “vortex air flow,” which is supposed to make the frying faster than other competitors. It also comes decked out with an LED touchscreen and some accessories, like airflow racks and a muffin pan. Taste of Home gave the gadget an approval, highlighting the benefits of its huge basket and quick preheat time.

The PowerXL 1700W 10Qt Vortex Air Fryer Pro Oven with Accessories usually costs more than $100, but you can buy one refurbished for a limited time for only $79.99.

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