This facial steamer makes it easier to keep your skin healthy and clear

Save 57 percent on this portable, rechargeable, and fashionable facial steamer.

Steaming is a well-known way of treating one’s skin well. Why exactly is steaming good for the skin, though? According to Healthline, cleansing out pores, releasing acne-causing bacteria and cells, and promoting better circulation are just a few of the many advantages people enjoy when they steam regularly.

While that’s all good to know, it’s rather impractical taking a hot, long shower every day for a variety of reasons, from a high water bill to the fact that you’re not always home. That’s why this deal from the PopSci Shop is a real standout when it comes to skincare.

The Portable & Rechargeable Facial Steamer helps you step up your skincare, getting rid of the bad stuff while opening up your pores for better absorption of beauty products. You can get it on sale today for $16.99 and save 57% off its usual price tag of $39.

This portable facial steamer delivers excellent skincare on the go. First off, unlike your shower, it’s portable and rechargeable. That means you can steam on the move, whether you’re heading off for a long day at work, hitting up the gym, or going away on vacation. Second, this facial steamer makes it easier to step up your skincare, which works in a two-fold manner. So, not only does the facial steamer help to release bacteria, sebum, and other impurities in the skin, but it also helps to open up your facial pores to better absorb moisturizers, essential oils, and other beauty products.

Alongside upping your skincare anywhere you go, this portable and rechargeable facial steamer is easy-to-use and delivers on style. Simply fill its 30ml water tank up and charge it via its USB port. Once charged, just press a button and let it do the rest! Made from high-quality materials, this extremely durable facial steamer also comes in various colors. These color options include pink, blue, teal, and white. In other words, you can carry it around with pride as an accessory thanks to its fashionable design.

The Portable & Rechargeable Facial Steamer makes it easy to step you up skincare anywhere. Pick it up on sale today for $16.99.

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