Take your temperature with your phone with this handy attachment

Get an accurate reading without ever making contact with your skin.

Our smartphones have become such a vital part of our lives. Much more than a phone, it is also our camera, our radio, map, and a source of hours of entertainment. Add a thermometer to the list, thanks to the Pocket Smartphone Forehead Thermometer that plugs right into your phone to take an extremely accurate temperature from your forehead–without even touching it.

Simply attach it to your phone, aim at the center of the forehead, and in one second, you’ll get a temperature reading accurate to within 0.1 degrees. It is effective due to its pyroelectric sensor and the built-in thermopile sensor, which creates an accurate recognition of the human body surface.

And, getting a reading is easy with the OLED large screen display and high brightness font, which makes it easy to read for anybody, including the elderly, or anyone who might have trouble with a smaller display.

This thermometer is small, light for easy transport, and is also highly hygienic since the device never actually makes contact with your body–you only have to get close and aim.

It also has a safety feature, which is a fever warning that beeps whenever it measures a temperature that is considered too high.

This thermometer will measure temperatures between approximately 90 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has the ability to give readings in celsius.

This handy pocket thermometer comes with either a lightning connector for those with an iPhone, or with a USB-C for those with an Android phone. Whichever option you need, this innovative thermometer is currently available at a fantastic savings. Normally priced at $69, this thermometer can be yours now for just $24.99, a significant savings of 64 percent.

Prices subject to change.