Give yourself a movie theater experience at home with one of these projectors

Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from any device to project stunning images on to any surface.

Set up your own movie theater anywhere you feel like with this PIQO 1080p mini-projector, a device small and easy to move anywhere, but with theater-quality performance.

This projector provides some of the sharpest images you have ever seen. You’ll enjoy vivid clarity and superb picture brightness in HD, thanks to a 200 lumen bulb and other technology that elevates this product. The quality is so good, you can project it onto a 240-inch screen with complete confidence.

The built-in Hi-Fi speakers are so good that you’ll have no need for any portable devices to enjoy movies, videos, shows or whatever you feel like watching with your projector.

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, PIQO can project anything from your phone, tablet, or laptop onto any surface, whether it’s a blank wall in your house or a sheet hanging outside for a movie under the stars.

Gather your family and friends for movie night, or watch TikToks in a larger-than-life form. You can also project your apps through the projector, giving you the world’s largest Words With Friends playing board.

Nerd Techy was blown away by the PIQO, recently saying it will “provide seemingly endless amounts of entertainment whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home or office…”  TechWalls said purchasing the PIQO may be too good to ignore.

The PIQO works with iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, making it the perfect choice for a projector. It comes with a remote and charger.

Now is the perfect time to get yourself the PIQO mini-projector. Normally priced at $799, you can get it for a limited time for just $279.99, a massive 64 percent discount.

Vankyo 1080p LED projector
Vankyo 1080p LED projector Stack Commerce

If you’d prefer a more traditional projector, this Vankyo 1080p LED projector can do the job. This is an ideal choice for professionals or amateur filmmakers with its full HD resolution, 300-inch screen, and 6,500 Lux brightness.

This projector is highly rated on Amazon, earning an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.

The Vankyo 1080 LED projector normally sells for $249, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $169.99, at a savings of 32 percent.

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