Unlock your marketing potential on Pinterest with this bundle

This $20 course bundle will help you understand Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is where brides-to-be plan the wedding of their dreams. It’s where foodies hoard all their favorite recipes. It’s often a place of bright joy and fun pinning. We don’t often think of it as a market. Well, except those in marketing, perhaps.

Turns out that there’s a whole method to marketing on Pinterest. The 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle has all the tips and tricks you need. Though this course bundle usually costs $995, it’s 97 percent off for only $19.99. The bundle comes with five courses that cover 69 lessons on all that you need to dominate the world of Pinterest. Overall, the courses should only take you 10 hours to complete, so why not make some time on the weekend to become an expert?

The first course is all about building and engaging with an audience. “Grow an Engaged & Valuable Audience On Pinterest” features the details you need to captivate a strong buying market. It turns out a lot of Pinterest users are ready to drop some dollars. Just think of those couples trying to reorganize and design their home. That’s a great opportunity for furniture retailers to snag them while they’re looking. So, if you learn how to target campaigns effectively, you can find the audience you need for your product on Pinterest. What’s more, you can reap long-term benefits if you do this right.

If you’re curious about how to spend the least bang for your buck, “Pinterest Marketing: How To Ethically Siphon Free Traffic” has got you covered. There’s even a term for the money you can make marketing on Pinterest: Pinterest Piggybank. By having access to people’s interests, you can more easily target them and make a profit.

Every course has something to offer—whether that’s details on a management tool or on building effective ad campaigns. This is a social media platform many marketers are not yet targeting, so why not get ahead of the curve? Make the 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle yours today and expand your marketing skills for just $19.99 (reg. $995).

Prices subject to change.