Dive into the world of PIC microcontrollers for $50

This course bundle comes with 13 courses full of info.

We can thank the wonderful world of engineering for innovations like airless bike tires or state-of-the-art keyboards. Engineering is also to thank for the tiny microcontroller chips that allow for motion detectors, electronic door locks, and more. If this sounds even mildly intriguing to you, these courses could help you dive deeper. 

The PIC Microcontroller Engineering Projects Course Bundle explores PIC microcontroller engineering through 13 courses that cover 325 lessons. For all that valuable information, it will only cost you a total of $49.99. The regular price for this course bundle is $1,287, so you’re saving an incredible amount of money on this bundle. PIC microcontrollers are made by Microchip Technology, an Arizona-based company that develops technology for several sectors, including aerospace and defense. PIC stands for peripheral interface controller, and microcontrollers are essentially microcomputers that are used in a number of devices from cars to kitchen appliances.

You can program these little guys to complete a number of tasks, which the course bundle explores at length. For instance, you can learn how to set up motion detectors to help protect your home in one course. In another course, you’ll be schooled on LCD displays and how to use a microcontroller to control words that you want to present in one. The course bundle dives deep, and that’s why it’s such a great value.

The courses have one instructor: Ashraf Al-Madhoun. He’s an engineer, YouTuber, and content creator, according to his LinkedIn. His microcontroller experience dates back 10 years, making him a qualified teacher for the courses. He’s helped more than 100 college-level students on their final projects, as well, showing his dedication to furthering education.

The course bundle comes with lifetime access to these courses, so you can take your time learning. For only $49.99, the PIC Microcontroller Engineering Projects Course Bundle offers a great opportunity for a new hobby or skill.

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