Turn your bonus room or garage into a private golf course with this affordable simulator

PhiGolf lets you practice your swing at home.

Winter can be a miserable time for golfers. When the bad weather makes practicing outdoors almost impossible, you might want to turn to PhiGolf. This smart golf simulator connects with a swing trainer app, helping you analyze your swing at home. It also works with WGT Golf, meaning you can play some of the world’s greatest courses. You can grab the simulator now for $249 at the PopSci Shop.

The PhiGolf system is based around the Swing Stick. This controller has the grip and shaft of a real golf club, but it is much shorter. As a result, you can safely make a full swing indoors, or even take PhiGolf on vacation.

When you attach the supplied Swing Sensor and download the PhiGolf mobile app, you can see a detailed analysis of your swing. The app also allows you to hit balls on a virtual driving range and play closest to the flag against your buddies. You can even cast to your TV for a better view of the pin.

If that wasn’t enough, PhiGolf works seamlessly with WGT Golf. This fun online game offers photorealistic simulation, with 18 million players to compete against.

Order now for $249 to get the PhiGolf simulator, including the Swing Stick and Swing Sensor.

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