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According to an article from Otava, cyber threats are on the rise this year due to businesses converting massive numbers of centralized workers to remote workers earlier this year. In doing so, people now spend more time online than ever before, which presents cybercriminals with new opportunities to strike. That means whether you’re working remotely from home for the first time or just browsing the internet at your leisure, there’s a greater chance that cybercriminals are attempting to do your harm online.

personalVPN™ Pro gives you unmatched security, speed, and convenience when using the internet, and we’ve got three different subscription plans to the VPN on sale from the PopSci Shop today. Grab a one-year subscription for $34.99 (50 percent off original price of $69), a two-year subscription for $59.99 (50 percent off original price of $119), and a three-year subscription for $79.99 (50 percent off original price of $159).

personalVPN™ Pro empowers you to experience the internet as it should be while remaining secure and fast online. First off, this VPN gives you 4096-bit connecting & 256-bit AES streaming-encryption. That surpasses military and banking specs, ensuring that you always remain secure whenever you hop online. In other words, you’ll have complete peace of mind wherever you use the internet, whether that’s on your private network, public WiFi, or any cellular network. What’s more, you’ll browse the web more quickly with this VPN. Thanks to its proprietary super-optimized FreeBSD bare metal servers and unique network design, you can stream content and media at the fastest speeds imaginable.

Alongside security and speed, this VPN also delivers on convenience and privacy. Since personalVPN™ Pro has servers located worldwide, you can bypass geographic and content restrictions with ease. Meaning, you can unlock new content on your favorite streaming websites, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc., simply by changing the server you use with this VPN service. Lastly, you can rest easy knowing that what you do online stays 100% anonymous with this VPN provider. So, not only will you be able to hide your IP address, location, and browsing history from everyone, including sites you visit and advertisers, but you’ll also have access to proprietary Stealth Modes that obscure you’re using a VPN at all.

personalVPN™ Pro gives you unmatched security, speed, and convenience when using the internet. Pick up a one-year subscription for $34.99, a two-year subscription for $59.99, and a three-year subscription for $79.99.

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