This innovative coffee press uses immersion brewing to release maximum flavor

Perfect for getting your caffeine fix at home.

As the days start to blur into one and sunlight becomes a stranger, trying to stay alert during quarantine can be a challenge. For coffee drinkers, a flavorful cup of java can provide an important pick-me-up. The effects of caffeine are well known, and science suggests that morning joe is actually good for you.

Most home-brewing options create waste in the form of expensive pods or filters. But with the Palmpress Coffee Press, you can enjoy flavor released straight from fresh grounds. You can grab this immersion brewer now for only $42 at the PopSci Shop with free shipping.

Named as one of Wired’s “10 Best Portable Coffee Makers”, the Palmpress works much like a French press, albeit in a much more portable form. It actually claimed the prize of “Best Compact Design” in the same list.

Brewing with Palmpress couldn’t be easier. To get started, you unscrew the lid and pull out the silicone shoot. The design ensures that your coffee never touches plastic—only silicone and stainless steel. You simply pour in any medium grounds, followed by some water. Palmpress can brew both hot and cold coffee, with a capacity of eight ounces.

After a few minutes, you simply invert the Palmpress and push down to pour yourself some coffee. The immersion process releases flavor evenly without scorching the coffee. As a result, you get a “clean, bright flavor with almost no bitterness” according to Wired.

Palmpress creates no waste, and it requires no power, making it an excellent choice for anyone who cares about the planet. You have full control over the water-to-coffee ratio and the timing of each brew. As such, this device is also a great option for coffee connoisseurs with limited time.

The compact design of this press means you can keep it close at hand—in your home office, perhaps. Similarly, when we’re able to go back outside unrestricted, you will be able to take Palmpress on camping trips and outdoor adventures.

Order now to pick up this impressive brewer for $42 with free shipping.

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