These resistance bands can kick your at-home workout up a notch

At-home workouts get a boost with these Nicole Miller resistance bands.

Working out to tone your physique or build strength looks a lot different in the year 2020. Many people have resorted to at-home workouts during the last few months of the pandemic, and if you are looking for something to kick up your workout or just looking for a new motivation to workout, consider adding these Nicole Miller Resistance Bands to your routine. You can ditch the workout video full of jumping jacks and focus on your balance and flexibility.

On sale for $16.99—marked down 43% from $29.99—the 3-piece set of resistance bands can be used to increase the difficulty for your squats or lunges or any other isometric movement. The elastic bands are made from high-quality durable latex and will help stabilize your muscles and increase stamina and endurance. The set includes a band for light, medium, and heavy strength levels for both beginners and experienced members of the fitness community.

The bands are portable, easy to store, and come in three different colors: pink, red, and blue. At home or on the go, these bands are great for keeping your glutes, hips, and thighs sculpted. Get them now for only $16.99.

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