Make digital files out of your handwritten notes and drawings

Smart pen, LCD writing pad transform your writings into editable text.

Forget about transferring your notes to your laptop or other device thanks to the NEWYES Smart Pen Set, which takes your handwritten and drawn materials and transfers them into a digital file. This is a great way to combine traditional writing with digital needs.

The pen works with dot paper and an LCD writing pad which are printed with a pattern of small microdots, sort of like a GPS for your pen. The paper and pad capture everything you write or draw and transfer it to a digital file. It features handwriting recognition that can capture up to 71 different languages.

The system also allows you to record voice notes, listen back and transfer them digitally as well.

The pan and pad are compatible with IOS 9.0 and later, Android 5.0 and later, and Bluetooth 4.2 and later. It does not, however, work with Mac or Apple products. It can work up to eight hours without interruption.

The aluminum alloy pen will write in either black or blue, and the writing pad comes with a leather notebook for added protection. The pen also comes with three ballpoint refills, three plastic refills, and test paper.

This entire package normally runs $180 but can be yours at the special price of just $149. And for a very limited time, use the coupon code CMSAVE20 for an additional 20 percent off. This offer is down to its final hours, so act quickly to grab the special price of $118.20.

Prices subject to change