Enter to win the ultimate home gym (featuring a Peloton!) to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

Peloton, Mirror and more are part of package valued at more than $5,000.

New Year’s resolutions often have something to do with getting in shape as part of turning the page of the calendar. Now is your chance to do it in style with the ultimate bundle of the hottest fitness gear. And it will cost you nothing to enter.

The ultimate giveaway will include a Peloton Bike+, the Mirror interactive gym, a $100 fitness apparel gift card, an Oura ring, Bowflex dumbbells, TRX PRO4 bands and Theragun Prime. In total, the package is valued at $5,287, and it could be yours just for clicking to enter.

The Peloton Bike+ and Mirror gym are the jewels of the giveaway, but the other items will give you the complete gym you seek.  The gift card will allow you to choose your own workout clothes from Nike, Athleta or Lululemon, and the dumbbells will give you more than 50 pounds of equipment to lift.

The Oura ring will monitor your sleep, activity and recovery to help you find the best you, while the Theragun Prime will give your body the massage that it needs.

If you want to increase your chances at winning, you can purchase additional entries, with the money going to charity. A donation of $10 will get you 100 additional entries, while $150 will gain 4,500 entries. Other combinations of donations and entries are also available. But it takes just one entry to win, and that first one is free.