Ten must-have accessories and gadgets for your car

Upgrade your ride and get up to 80 percent off MSRP.

According to a study by OnePoll, the average American spends more than eight hours each week behind the wheel. If that sounds anything like your schedule, you might want to make the experience more comfortable and secure. These car accessories are must-have upgrades for your second home on wheels—and you can currently get up to 80 percent off MSRP at the PopSci Shop.

FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera
FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera Stack Commerce

This 180-degree wireless camera installs as a license plate frame, giving you a live HD view from the rear of your car. It even has built-in solar panels as a power source. Normally priced at $199, FenSens is now just $159.

TUNAI Firefly Bluetooth Receiver
TUNAI Firefly Bluetooth Receiver Stack Commerce

Perfect for cars with older sound systems, this Bluetooth receiver lets you play songs from your phone or tablet. It supports the AAC codec, and it auto-connects with up to eight devices. Worth $34.99, TUNAI Firefly is now $29.99.

Smart Touch Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger
Smart Touch Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger Stack Commerce

This Qi-enabled wireless charger automatically clamps your phone using soft silicone grips. You can then rotate your phone through 360 degrees for GPS. The charger supports any phone up to 6.5 inches wide. It is currently 16 percent off MSRP at $50.

myGEKOgear Orbit 530 1296p Wi-Fi Dashcam
myGEKOgear Orbit 530 1296p Wi-Fi Dashcam Stack Commerce

With a 150-degree lens and 1296p resolution, the Orbit 530 dashcam provides great coverage. The camera can keep rolling after dark thanks to a Sony night vision sensor, and you can transfer the footage via Wi-Fi. Normally $149.99, the dashcam is now only $109.99.

Black Box 1080p Dashcam
Black Box 1080p Dashcam Stack Commerce

The Black Box dashcam has a G-sensor and motion detection, meaning it will start recording when you hit the brakes. The camera captures 1080p footage through a 120-degree lens during the day and at night. Right now, the Black Box is 80 percent off MSRP at just $29.99.

Spinning Car Aromatherapy Diffuser
Spinning Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Stack Commerce

With a spinning double-ring design, this tiny diffuser doubles as an anxiety-relieving fidget toy. The rotating design also helps to spread freshness throughout your car, with five different optional scents to pick from. Normally $15.99, the diffuser is now $12.99.

KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner
KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner Stack Commerce

Compatible with all cars made since 1996, this car scanner plugs into the OBD II port on your car. KOBRA then sends live diagnostic data to your phone via Wi-Fi, helping you figure out faults without even opening the trunk. Worth $49.99, the scanner is now only $14.99.

ExoMount Universal Smartphone Car Mount
ExoMount Universal Smartphone Car Mount Stack Commerce

This powerful smartphone mount attaches to almost any dash or your windshield. ExoMount can hold devices with a screen size up to 6.2 inches, and you can rotate it through 360 degrees for GPS. You can grab one now for $22.95—that is 23 percent off.

Brush Hero®: Deluxe Set
Brush Hero®: Deluxe Set Stack Commerce

Attach Brush Hero to any regular hose, and you will have the muck cleared off your car in no time. This unique device spins slowly for maximum torque, meaning you can scrub away even hardened mud. You can get it now for $49.99.

Kelvin.7 Automotive Emergency Multi-Tool
Kelvin.7 Automotive Emergency Multi-Tool Stack Commerce

This versatile device works as a belt cutter and window breaker, so you can escape after an accident. Kelvin.7 also works a hand-crank power generator, an emergency LED light, and a USB power supply. The multi-tool is currently 20 percent off at $39.99.

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