Keep your summer mosquito-free with this killer lamp

Be gone, pests!

Summer nights are when the magic starts. Fireflies begin to pop up. Hammocks appear in backyards overnight. Grills start to smoke. The season is three great months of straight-up bliss… except for when the mosquitos decide to crash the party. A mosquito bite can quickly turn an outing sour, especially if you’re one of those unfortunate individuals whose mosquito bites swell and itch worse than the rest. Super ouchies.

Luckily for those who hate mosquitos, there’s a lamp that can kill those annoying bloodsuckers through some state-of-the-art technology. The Mosquito Killer Lamp has the power of five LED lightwaves that entrance these bugs so they’re gone forever. It’s 25 percent off at only $29.99. With summer quickly approaching, there’s no better time than now to prepare for the monsters of the season.

The Moskiller doesn’t rely on strange-smelling chemicals or other toxic substances. Nope, it uses LED lights, bionic temperature, air turbulence, and physical drying. The lights lure the bugs in. Then, a fan sucks them in and traps them in a box where they die through an air-drying method. (Sorry, not sorry.)

The best part, though? This lamp is super portable. You don’t have to set up a permanent location for this little guy in your backyard. You can take it with you anywhere you wanna go in the summer: the beach, the woods, or anywhere mosquitos gather. Plus, the Mosquito Killer Lamp has a universal USB power port that can connect to an adaptor, power bank, or computer. You’re not limited by where it can plug in, which makes it easier to transport. It’s also pretty quiet, which is perfect when trying to enjoy some solitude outside. 

The outdoors is one of the safest places for us to enjoy and gather during the coronavirus pandemic. Why not enjoy it without the nuisance of mosquitos? With the Mosquito Killer Lamp, you can finally enjoy itch-free summer days. 

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