Looking for a low-impact, cardio workout you can do at home? Here it is.

Who said you can’t run indoors?

There’s a science to working out—hence the constant flow of new technologies emerging to achieve that perfect workout. With the right gear, the perfect workout is certainly possible, even at home without access to gym equipment or a personal trainer. So why not bring that experience into your living room?

MoonRun: Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps can make these dreams a reality. While running typically is cardio-centered, MoonRun utilizes state-of-the-art technology to elevate a run into a full-body workout and without taking up half the space in your home. Forbes even called it the “#1 sport-tech solution for working out from home during COVID-19.” And as it’s currently on sale for $249 from $399, this discount is too good to ignore.

MoonRun is far from the typical run you may take outside. It’s “a highly technological, portable, aerobic trainer” that merely requires you to have something to attach it to—a door, column, or wall, for example—and some 6 feet to move around near it. MoonRun relies on elastic bands to allow users to run within the comfort of their homes with little impact on their knees and feet. You can also jump, squat, and turn to engage other parts of your body for focused workouts.

You won’t be surprised to hear that a physical therapist designed the product. It brings together aerobic and resistance training to ensure exercise enthusiasts can build every part of their body. You run as fast as you can, attached to the bands, and stream yourself as an avatar through MoonRun’s virtual app. Instead of feeling silly trying to run around in your apartment alone, join a group or run with your virtual coach. MoonRun helps eliminate some of the isolation that may come with other forms of working out alone at home.

The set is compact and portable, allowing you to lend it to friends or family who want to test it out, too, before purchasing it themselves. The MoonRun: Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps might be the healthiest choice you make during these days stuck on the couch at home.

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