Let technology help you bring a variety of fragrances to your home

Schedule your scents with this diffuser that you control from your phone.

Bring your scents into the modern world with an aroma diffuser that not only gives you a multitude of choices but allows it all to be operated with modern technology.

This isn’t your parents’ sticks of incense. This is a highly advanced operation that leaves your home smelling the way you would hope and imagine.

Moodo is a diffuser that can be loaded with up to four scent capsules at the same time. There are dozens of fragrances to choose from, and Moodo helps with your selections by putting scents in the same family together in four packs. The choices are meant to work in harmony, allowing you to have compatible odors to work together.

Of course, if you simply love lavender and want to load your diffuser with nothing but, that’s always an option.

What takes this diffuser to the next level is the ability to control it from an app on your phone, or with a connection to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. With a connection to your WiFi, you can control which of your loaded fragrances to release, and the time when you want them to go. You can turn the diffuser off and on from anywhere, meaning you can keep it turned off when nobody is home to enjoy the scent.

Moodo also uses cold-air diffusion to make it a very safe option, and it requires no wax, oil, or gas, meaning there is no aerosol residue or flame to create a heat risk. The fragrances are all alcohol-free as well, and comply with both U.S. and European Union regulations.

The diffuser does a big job despite its small stature. Measuring less than 5 inches in width and length, it will fit nicely on a nightstand or counter and will cover up to a 600 square foot area of your home.

Normally priced at $169, you can get the diffuser for a limited time for just $107.99, a discount of 36 percent.  That’s a bargain too good to pass up.

Prices subject to change