Bring color and adventure to your life with this adaptable lamp

The MOGICS Coconut features five colors, four lighting modes, and a waterproof design.

Your lamp no longer needs to be an outdated, sedentary, dusty fixture on your bedside table.

The MOGICS: Coconut Waterproof Light (Multicolor) and the standard color lamp, both currently 24 percent off at just $36.99, are portable, adaptable, collapsable and waterproof lamps that can bring color into the lives of homebodies, mountaineers and business travelers alike.

With a choice of five colors overall — the standard white/yellow or green, red, blue or orange — you can make your dwelling feel more “homey” or turn a weekend beach trip into a party, whether you’re in the water or in the sand.

Heck, your college dorm room could take on the feel of a sleek bistro or coffee shop with the right placement and setting.

These silicone lamps fold easily, self-inflate rapidly, come with a carry bag and are engineered to be a perfect sphere and fit in any environment.

The MOCIGS Coconut Multicolor has four lighting modes — normal, flash, breathing and waning — and can be submerged underwater to elevate what would’ve been a mundane pool party. If you’re working on that novel in your office, you can even safely bounce the lamp against the wall as you brainstorm.

The MOGICS Coconut, which has an invisible switch that contributes to its sleek and simple aesthetic, is safe for children and includes an 8-feet USB charging cable for your convenience.

Kickstarter helped spring the MOGICS Coconut to life with a grassroots beginning and the backing of more than 1,600 pledgers.

Don’t miss your chance to enhance the spaces you occupy, at home, on the road or at your favorite campsite, for just $36.99.

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