Transform your living space with this touch-activated modular wall lamp

Say hi to your next DIY home project.

Few things can transform a space better than eccentric lighting. If you barely have any interior design know-how or are tired of buying another piece of art, frame, or lamp — you can easily reinvent your space with standout pieces.

If you’re looking for lighting that can do more than spruce up your space, the Modular Wall Lighting from Lamp Depot is a great option that’s available now for a third off its sale price. Not only is it unlike any other lighting fixture, but it features touch sensor activation that makes it responsive to touch.

This particular set is composed of six modular tiles, allowing you to control them independently to create whatever kind of design you please. Organize your tiles in a straight line or a zigzag, or you could do a pyramid design. Whatever arrangement you dream up, the tiles’ customizability can accommodate it, making the possibilities are virtually endless.

Each tile features 13 fixed colors and three dynamic modes, meaning they have the capacity to perform a technicolor light show when programmed for it. Add in some amazing tunes, and your house becomes your own personal dreamscape. 

And thanks to touch-sensor activation, you can control each light with a simple tap, but there’s also an accompanying remote control that you can use to adjust the brightness, color, and mode from a distance. And while a standard power supply can only accommodate up to ten lights before the current or light color gets affected, the result is worth it.

No doubt about it, this set of lights can transform your space in an instant. Whether you’re looking for ways to make your living space more interesting or create an eye-catching background for your daily Zoom calls, this modular wall lamp can do it all. For a limited time, you can grab six modular tiles on sale for only $49.99—33 percent off the usual cost of $75.

Prices subject to change.