Many of us have started working a little differently in the past couple of weeks. In some cases, that means switching from a dedicated desktop setup to a portable laptop. Clipping on to the side of your laptop, the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor extends your digital workspace. You can get it now for $179.35 at the PopSci Shop when you use coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout.

For coders, creatives, and many other professionals, having dual monitors makes life so much easier. With the DUEX Pro monitor, you can create the setup anywhere—ideal when you need to find somewhere peaceful to work.

This 1080p IPS display measures 12.5 inches, and it looks like a really thin tablet. It attaches to the bezel around the screen on your laptop, with a hinge that rotates up to 270 degrees. That way, you can even flip the monitor 180 degrees and use it for presentations.

You can hook up the DUEX Pro to Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Linux machines, and it draws power via USB, so setup is an absolute breeze.

Mobile Pixels raised $1 million in funding on IndieGoGo for this accessory, and it definitely lives up to the hype. While it’s normally priced at $249.99, you can get the DUEX Pro for only $179.35 when you use the code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout.

Prices subject to change