Make mixology your new summer hobby

Pour one out.

Nothing says summer like a nice fruity cocktail. With the coronavirus in full swing, you may not feel safe enough to head out to your local bar, but fear not. You can make any classic drink you like in the comfort of your home. In fact, mixology is quite the science—and you can master it.

The Mixologist & Budding Bartender Bundle will teach you all you need to know about how to make the best drink. Practice makes perfect, of course, but don’t write off the value of proper education. This bundle features nine courses stretching across 179 lessons, so it’s got you covered. It’s 93% off for only $29.99. Just think about the day you become a cocktail guru and can show off your skills. Mixology is not only a super cool hobby; it’s its own kind of science.

You see, as the course bundle will tell you, every liquor is its own experiment. The chemical composition varies among whiskey, cognac, tequila, and gin. They all require their own touch. The Mixologist & Budding Bartender Bundle is on it. The course “Vodka: Essentials in Cocktails & Bartending.” for instance, explains the origin of vodka, its neutral flavor, and the different ways you can serve them. The bundle doesn’t just cover liquors, though. There’s wine, liqueurs, and sake. There’s something in there for everybody, so you can learn all the drinks to please the different preferences of your company.

Become the mad scientist behind the perfect drink. You have to understand where these substances come from and what they’re made out of to know how to best mix them. You must discover the hidden flavors to be clever enough to find the perfect pair. The Mixologist & Budding Bartender Bundle breaks it all down in easy-to-follow lectures. It’s usually $449. Imagine all the alcohol you can buy with the money you save on this.

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