This mindfulness app can help you put your best self forward

Reset your mind and body by practicing mindfulness.

Although mindfulness has been around for ages, we are only just waking up to the benefits of this psychological process. In the past decade, research has shown that mindful meditation can cut pain perception and even improve focus.

Normally speaking, you would go to classes to learn mindfulness—but that isn’t an option for most right now. Instead, you might want to try MindFi. Described as “the perfect app for every aspiring meditator” by Forbes, it provides mindful exercises and meditation sessions that you can complete in 10 minutes. Right now, lifetime access is just $39 at the PopSci Shop.

Even in normal circumstances, finding the time to attend hour-long classes can be a challenge. But with MindFi, you can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation during your lunch break. Available on iOS and Android, this Apple App of the Day winner offers an impressive library of wellness content.

When you open the app, MindFi offers four different exercise types. The selection is based on the time of day. For instance, you could be served with sessions to help you focus during the day and relax at bedtime. MindFi also asks you to describe your mood, and uses this information to provide suitable content.

Backed by research, the breathing exercises help to release tension and reset your mind. You get on-screen guidance and audio feedback, taking you into a mindful trance.

Aside from mindfulness and meditation, MindFi has some other good features for self-improvement. The built-in pomodoro timer helps you stay productive throughout the day, and the app has loads of short courses around well-being and mental health.

In short, MindFi provides you with an abundance of tools to help you clear your mind and put your best self forward.

As a subscriber, you get unlimited access to all this content. In addition, the app tracks your progress over time. You should see your stress levels decline and your mood improve. Meditation can even help you sleep better.

Normally priced at $365, lifetime MindFi subscriptions are now just $39.

Prices subject to change