Brew the perfect cup of frothy espresso for $40

This espresso maker and milk frother combo is 33 percent off.

There’s a science to brewing the perfect cup of Joe. Some say fewer beans is the way to go. Others prefer an electric kettle. Well, what about a classic espresso maker?  

The MILANO Espresso Bundle: Stovetop Espresso Maker in Black + Milk Frother is 33 percent off for only $39.95. It doesn’t get more classic than making your morning espresso on the stove. This bundle comes with the MILANO Stovetop Espresso Maker, which is also called a Moka pot, and the E-Z LATTE Turbo Milk Frother. Nothing says latte in the morning like a little froth.

This espresso maker is able to pull more caffeine and coffee flavor from the beans. You can pour 12 cups with one pot. It’s safe to use on both gas or electric stoves, but don’t use it on an induction stove. The handle also features a burn guard to ensure you’re safe from the heat. The milk frother is easy to use, and all it requires is two AA batteries.

New York Magazine celebrated this espresso maker in a review last year. “[T]his little appliance takes the guesswork out of making a quality cup — and, in my opinion, it tastes far better than the stuff a standard coffee maker produces,” wrote author Nikita Richardson. “It also makes stronger coffee than a Chemex or similar pour-over setup by using steam to push hot water through the coffee grounds with one to two bars of pressure.” That’s the magic of the Moka pot, folks–there’s a science to brewing a perfect cup of Joe.

Make the MILANO Espresso Bundle: Stovetop Espresso Maker in Black + Milk Frother yours today for only $39.95. Your expensive coffee habit will thank you.

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