This smart sous vide cooker makes it easy to prepare perfect meals

The Mellow cooker is now 15 percent off for a limited time.

After a long day at the office, preparing a meal from scratch sounds like a lot of hard work. The problem is, microwave meals are never that healthy (or filling.) The Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker offers a neat solution. This smart device cooks meat, fish, and vegetables to perfection by working out the cooking time and temperature automatically. For a limited time, you can get Mellow for $169.99 at the PopSci Shop when you use coupon code MerrySave15.

Sous vide is a style of cooking used in most professional kitchens, because it allows chefs to cook meat and fish with minimal input.

Mellow brings this technology home, and makes it smarter. The device takes just 30 seconds to set up, and you can control everything from your smartphone. When you want to cook, you simply select your ingredients from the companion app and tell Mellow when you want to serve.

Mellow does the rest, using built-in scales to weigh your ingredients and work out the right temperature. The device even has a cooling system, which will keep food safe until you get home from work.

Normally priced at $349, Mellow is currently just $169.99 with the 15 percent discount code MerrySave15.

Prices subject to change