Kickstart your career and refresh your math skills for less than $35

Jumpstart your career and learn new skills this coming new year.

That wonderful day, years ago, when you aced that trigonometry test doesn’t have to be just a distant memory or an anomaly.

Whether you’re a former math whiz hoping to refresh your skills, or trying to boost your career while adding to your toolbox, The Mastering Discrete & Financial Mathematics Bundle can help immensely.

The bundle–currently 97 percent off for just $34.96–features eight courses and 84 hours of content on critical subjects such as financial mathematics, calculus, graph theory, pre-calculus, number theory and more. It’s almost the new year, and with social distancing, it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill (or improve existing skills).

This isn’t just a chance to make your resume look a little stronger. Math expertise is a proven commodity.

Professions that use calculus, for example, include astronauts, software developers, economists, electrical engineers and more—many of which are lucrative careers.

Here’s a look at the eight courses in the bundle: all of which are a $199 value on their own:

  • Financial Mathematics: Concepts, Calculations and Applications
  • Mathematics for Science Data and Machine Learning using R
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Graph Theory
  • Number Theory
  • Master Number Base Conversion
  • Pre Calculus Mastered
  • Calculus 1 Mastered

Take advantage of this bundle today to help develop your mind and give your career a boost.

Prices subject to change.