Build a custom, beautiful website with these plans from Master Addons

Get access to dozens of widgets and other design elements to make your site soar.

Are you looking to create a website that’s got some style and pop without having to do all of the legwork? Then this lifetime subscription to Master Addons for Elementor is the right set of tools for you.

Master Addons is a plugin packed with lots of extension and design elements to make your landing page or website extra special. It is loaded with widgets and addons for your site, such as tabs, info boxes, calls to action, and dual headlines. 

Master Addons also comes with a library of templates to give you a starting point for your website, and custom CSS will allow you to make any section or element your own. It offers you a huge amount of variations and customization options so your website doesn’t look like every other one out there.

All you need to use this package is any modern browser and the ability to use WordPress. With that, you’ll get a personal plan that allows for the construction of a single website, and more than 50 widgets, ready-made sections, ready-made pages, header and footer blocks, and one year of support and updates.

The software version is web-based and made for desktop access.

Just think about what you could be doing with your website. Or, with Master Addons, think about actually doing a website. The idea can be daunting, to say the least, but this program makes it as simple as following along with the instructions. Choose the looks and styles that fit your eye, not some cookie-cutter website that could be used for anything.

This personal plan for Master Addons normally costs $49 for lifetime access, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $29.99, a savings of 40 percent. You can also get a business plan for $79.99 (reg. $149) or a developer plan for $199.99 (reg. $299).

Prices subject to change.