Investing in real estate is more profitable and accessible than ever—and here’s why

Services like Mashvisor use AI to unearth hidden gems.

Until recently, most people who invested in real estate expected returns over a long period. But as rents rise and Airbnb becomes ever more popular, buying an investment property is now a great way to increase your earnings. Mashvisor is an online platform that analyzes the market to help you find the most profitable real estate investments. Right now, you can get lifetime service for only $39 at the PopSci Shop.

With interest rates at rock bottom, putting your money in a bank is almost pointless. In fact, you might find your wealth actually diminishes over time. In contrast, owning real estate gives you the opportunity to generate income from a capital investment.

Mashvisor acts like your personal advisor. Through the site, you can search for properties in any location. Algorithms then rank homes on the market that fall within your budget based on future earnings potential.

To make this calculation, Mashvisor takes into account current and future rental rates. The site also looks at local Airbnb rentals and occupancy rates.

Lifetime access on the Basic plan is worth $1,499, but you can get your subscription now for only $39.

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