Power up your new iPhone 12 quickly with this wireless charger

Magnets lock the charger onto the back of your phone, eliminating needless tangles.

You’ve stepped up your cellphone game with a new iPhone 12. Now it’s time to step up your charging game with a wireless charger to keep that phone at peak performance.

The MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable comes with a 20W power adapter, so you’re assured of safe and powerful charging. It is portable and durable, making it a convenient option to use when your phone needs a charge.

The unit comes with a convenient cable and wall adapter to works exclusively on all models of the iPhone 12, including the Pro, Pro Max and Mini. Simply plug the wall adapter into a  power source, and connect the cable to your phone. It will lock on to the back of your phone with magnets, eliminating the tangle of cords caused by cable wires and the issues of whether or not it has plugged in correctly to your phone.

This is a fast-charging, simple-to-use unit, getting the power you need to your phone as quickly as possible. Why pay more for an Apple charger when this one does the job just as well?

This charging cable adapter for your iPhone 12 usually runs $39, but for a limited time, you can have one for just $32.99, a savings of 17 percent.

Prices subject to change