Learn how to edit your photos like a pro

Luminar 4 is 75 percent off.

There’s no better time to pick up a hobby than now. With everyone (hopefully) staying home, people have plenty of time on their hands. As the weather starts to grow warmer across the U.S., why not get into photography? There’s nothing like capturing a moment in nature—like the peak of a mountain or the petal of a flower.

If you’re going to get into photography—or if you’re already a photographer—you’ll need a good photo editing software. Luminar 4 is an award-winning program that you can buy for 75 percent off today. The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Bundle can be yours for only $59 today and help kickstart your new photography hobby (or even career).

This bundle includes the program plus five packs to give you all the tools for perfect photo editing. The program uses some AI technology to help give your photos that precise touch. The “Luminar 4: Windows & Mac” course teaches you everything you need to master Luminar 4 more generally, as well as AI Accent more specifically. This is a smart photo editor that comes with Luminar 4. The program’s interface is so simple; you should be able to become a pro in no time.

For those who want to take advantage of the clear summer nights, the course bundle offers “Luminar Ad-on Pack: Amazing Planets.” Through this pack, you can add a planet, or perhaps even a moon, to the sky of one of your images. A planet could add a surreal touch to that pink dusky sky you capture. That’s the cool thing about photo editing. Sure, you can make the objects you capture look crisper and brighter, but you can also add objects that weren’t actually there. The “Luminar Ad-on Pack: Burst of Drama,” on the other hand, comes with 25 dramatic skies, including stormy clouds.

“The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Bundle” is a great investment for those who want to kick off a hobby taking cool photos—and editing them to be even cooler. This bundle is usually $239, so for a mere $59, it’s a true steal.

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