This tool used by Ivy League professors is a must-have for any writer

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Most writing apps have some kind of spell-checking feature nowadays. Some even try to correct your grammar. But without a human understanding of language, the software often misses obvious errors. Ludwig Sentence Search Engine takes a completely different approach. By comparing your sentence with those written by journalists and academics, the app helps you improve your writing. You can get lifetime access now for $119 via the PopSci Shop.

Have you ever written a sentence, and then wondered if it makes any sense? Perhaps you felt there was a better way to make the same point? Next time this happens, you might want to ask Ludwig.

Used by Ivy League professors, this search engine can analyze any turn of phrase and find similar examples. The app has a database of 200 million sentences to call on, derived from reliable sources. The results help you to spot your own errors and see how other writers have structured their prose.

Ludwig works in 52 languages, with the results appearing in English. Along with examples, you can use the app to find definitions and synonyms.

Lifetime access is worth $299, but you can grab your subscription today for just $119.

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