Never be without a place to sit with this portable, foldable chair

Take it to the beach or a game, or use it at home for comfortable support.

Wherever you go, there’s no reason not to have a comfortable chair to sit in, thanks to this lightweight Loungie Foldable Quickchair, a device you can fold up and take with you anywhere.

With a foldable design, adjustable strap, and carrying handle, this chair can go with you wherever you’re headed. Take it to the beach to relax upon. Bring it to the park for a barbecue. Carry it to your child’s soccer game for a cool seat on the sidelines. Or, you can simply use it at home while watching TV, reading in the backyard, or sitting on the patio playing games.

This is a great option if you’re going somewhere where there will be no benches or limited seating options. But, that won’t ever be the case for you with your trusty foldable quickchair.

It offers both great support and comfort, giving you a perfect option for any indoor or outdoor activity. The porous mesh fabric features a high density foam for comfort, and the steel tube allows it to be sturdy and durable… And there’s no assembly required.

Not only is it easy to transport, but the same design makes it easy to store. While folded up, you can easily store it in a closet or slide it under the bed until you’re ready to use it.

The chair is available in four different colors – beige, grey, pink, or blue – allowing you to match your personality with your chair.

The Loungie Foldable Quickchair normally costs $145, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $49.95, a 65 percent discount. At that price, you could pick up two for less than the regular price of one, providing a chair for both you and your partner.

Prices subject to change