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The internet is a vast collection of networks housing a near-limitless amount of information — and, unsurprisingly, not all of it is in English.

If you’ve always been curious about what lies on the other side, consider this discounted lifetime subscription to LingvaNex Translator.

LingvaNex Translator offers an entire suite of language services at your disposal and can help you, or your company, reap an innumerable amount of benefits.

Typically, a lifetime subscription to LingvaNex Translator costs hundreds of dollars. But this offer drops by price to a low $80.

LingvaNex Translator promises to help you easily translate text, documents, and a ton of different media in over one hundred different languages.

This flexibility and depth blow Google Translate out of the water. In fact, it would be easy to consider this the “premium” version of that Google product. While Google Translate helps demystify articles or an email, it’s limited.

Alternatively, LingvaNex Translator, in addition, to quickly and easily translate documents in multiple formats, including .docx, .rtf, .txt, and .pdf. will allow you to translate text on image and translate your voice.

Plus, it will allow you to save your favorite translations as bookmarks and share your translated text with friends, so overcoming foreign language barriers can be a social activity.

It also works on a wide range of platforms, including macOS and Windows desktop operating systems, plus both Android and iOS. As a bonus, the mobile apps offer a few unique features, including phrasebooks, which allow you to learn the most popular phrases in many languages, and a special keyboard that translates the text as you type.

Add that up, and it’s no wonder the LingvaNex Translator retains a high review rating on multiple platforms, including the Google Play, Mac, and Microsoft app store. You can opt into a lifetime subscription to the LingvaNex Translator for $80 by clicking here today.