Bring relief to your aching hands, fingers, and wrists with this heated massager

Compression therapy will increase circulation, and help calm down your joints.

Few things are more irritating than pain in your wrists and hands. Whether it’s from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome from overuse of your wrists, your entire body feels off when the joints in your hands and fingers hurt.

But, fear not – relief is in sight. The Legra Cordless Air Compression Hand Massager Machine can bring some comfort to those areas that are hurting, and you can take care of the healing while you’re sitting on your couch.

This hand massager is a heated massager for your hands, palms, fingers, and wrists. It uses heat, vibration, and gentle pressure to provide some relief to those areas. It features five different massage modes and five intensity levels, allowing you to decide how much pressure you need or can tolerate.

How does this machine help? It uses compression therapy to improve circulation, which helps soothe aching joints and muscles. The heat will arrive at 104 to 107 degrees, giving your body the therapy it needs without being too extreme to handle. And, it works from 2 to 4 hours on a single charge, depending upon the intensity levels you choose. When you do need to charge, only 3 or 4 hours are needed to have it fully ready for use.

This massager is not only good for those with identified hand and wrist conditions, but it can be used by athletes for both pre-workout warmups and post-workout recovery.

Users have found the massager to be quite effective, rating it 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Legra Cordless Air Compression Hand Massager Machine could be just the relief you need for your aching hands and wrists. And now it can be yours for the low price of $70 with coupon code RELAX49 (reg. $119).

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