Bring down the stress with this soothing noise machine

Petite size allows it to move from room to room or get packed for a trip.

Unwind from the stresses of the day with this LectroSound noise machine, which will melt away your concerns and allow you to drift off to sleep to a variety of relaxing white noise.

This machine will promote better sleep, rest and relaxation thanks to its non-looping white noise. You’ll get randomly generated sounds all designed to lower the stress levels and allow you to sleep or rest in peaceful bliss.

The machine is remarkable in its size and abilities. At just 7 ounces, it’s so small you won’t know it’s there. And with such a petite size, moving it from room to room or packing it for a trip couldn’t be easier. It is USB powered, but you can also purchase an AC adapter to allow its use with wall outlets.

This machine is quite handy for such a small device. The tone dial allows you to control the sound’s warmth across the spectrum of brown, white and pink. You can also adjust the output with a volume control to match your needs. It is incredibly easy to use. There is nothing to memorize or program.

It’s also not just for nighttime. During the day, this machine is great for masking outside sounds to allow you to focus. And with the wide volume range, you can make it an almost indistinguishable sound, or turn it up to drown out traffic or construction in your neighborhood.

This stress reliever would normally cost $39, but for a limited time, you can get this LectroSound noise machine for just $15.99, a 60 percent savings. That’s a small amount to pay for better sleep and reduced anxiety.

Prices subject to change